Human/Bear (when transformed)









Veil is one of the outside characters in the Animal Spirits Saga, also known as an exile. He is also one of the antagonists of the saga. It is known that after touching the Cursed Necklace, he became a grizzly bear.

Background HistoryEdit

In his early years Veil was given up by his family and taken to an orphanage. During his early years of his childhood he was often rejected and outcasted by everyone at the orphanage and he was not wanted by anyone who came to the orphanage to adopt. This is because of his violent nature. He was still rejected by everyone until a family came to adopt him. But Veil, because of how he had been treated during his time at the orphanage, had grown hatred for humans and burned down his own home, all the family members still inside.

After that, Veil ran away. One night, while walking through the woods, he came upon a cliff and found a necklace. Not knowing the necklace was cursed, he picked it up. Not long after, while still on the cliff, a bright white light appeared, and when it disappeared, Veil was unconscious. Little did he know that his life had been changed forever.


Veil has always been a brutal, violent guy. He is more of a strong guy, as his animal form is a grizzly bear. He was never taunted when he was younger because everyone has always been scared of his brutal appearance and violent and unsecure personality. As a bear he feels even stronger and more above the others in strength.


Veil has dark brown hair with hazel eyes. He has a buff, built-up muscle structure. He normally wears jeans with a black tank top under a black leather jacket. He has black skin and a slightly wider face than most people.

Appearances in BooksEdit