Hey all.

Me and Scourge the Dark Claw have already discussed this but I just wanted to clarify what the outline is.


So we know the beginnining of the first book is a chapter about each main character. I'm not sure if we were gonna do all of Mikel's gang together or do them seperatly.

Build Up

This is when the story starts to link up. We know the build up will be about them finding the Necklase. I just wanted to know if we could add anything else to this.


We all know that every great book has a dilemma. So what will be the dilemma of this book I have some suggestions:

Jason ending Mikel?

Mikel and Jason ending Veil?

People wanting to leave Mikel's gang?

People wanting to leave The animal spirits?

Using their powers for good or evil.


Once the dilemma is solved we move to the conflict. Conflict is always my favorite part of the book. So what will be the Conflict?

Animal Spirits vs Mikel's gang?

Veil vs Animal spirits and Mikel's gang?

Jason vs Mikel?

Mikel and Jason vs Veil?

Of course along the way we will have more conflict but this is just the major fight.

Conflict resolution / Ending

How will this all end?


The bridge is the cliff hanger that leads to the next book. Me and Scourge have been speaking about another Antagonist but we are not to sure where he/she fits in. So as I am left clueless for ideas , some suggestions would be nice.

Well thanks leave suggestions in the comment box or in my wall and excuse my spelling please.

ReaperxRoll (talk) 21:06, September 27, 2012 (UTC)

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