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  • ReaperxRoll


    November 3, 2012 by ReaperxRoll

    Considering the recent departures of Ceadeuslayer27 and XTheRedHoodx. We have to fill there roles so each user now has 2 or more characters

    Scourge the Dark Claw has Kayla, Skratch and Mikel

    ReaperxRoll has Jim, Derek and Jason

    Aimzgirl has Liz and Kat

    Dragonlich21 has Kage and Erica

    ReaperxRoll (talk) 18:29, November 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • ReaperxRoll

    Hi. Another blog about the first book. This time it is about chapters. I think 28 chapters or more is fine. So we need to sort out who is doing what.

    • Chapter 1: Chapter one is complete.(Made by Scourge the Dark Claw)
    • Chapter 2 (Jason): It is complete but has not been uploaded yet. (Made by XTheRedHoodx)
    • Chapter 3 (Kayla): Has not been made (Being made by Scourge the Dark Claw)
    • Chapter 4 (Liz): Has been made but not uploaded (Made by Aimzgirls)
    • Chapter 5 (Kage): Has been made but not uploaded (Made by Ceadeuslayer27)
    • Chapter 6 (Jim): Has been made but not uploaded (Made by ReaperxRoll)
    • Chapter 7 (Mikel): Has not been made (Being made by everyone but mainly Scourge the Dark Claw)
    • Chapter 8 (unknown) Has not been made (Being made by unknown)
    • Chapter 9…
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  • ReaperxRoll

    Liz pictures

    October 1, 2012 by ReaperxRoll

    Hey. These pics are paintings look closely.

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  • ReaperxRoll

    Outline of the first book

    September 27, 2012 by ReaperxRoll

    Hey all.

    Me and Scourge the Dark Claw have already discussed this but I just wanted to clarify what the outline is.

    So we know the beginnining of the first book is a chapter about each main character. I'm not sure if we were gonna do all of Mikel's gang together or do them seperatly.

    This is when the story starts to link up. We know the build up will be about them finding the Necklase. I just wanted to know if we could add anything else to this.

    We all know that every great book has a dilemma. So what will be the dilemma of this book I have some suggestions:

    Jason ending Mikel?

    Mikel and Jason ending Veil?

    People wanting to leave Mikel's gang?

    People wanting to leave The animal spirits?

    Using their powers for good or evil.

    Once the dilemma is solved…

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