Hyena (when transformed)




Dark brown


Dark green





Skratch is one of the members of Mikel's gang in the Animal Spirits Saga. He is also one of the antagonists of the saga. He is known to be Mikel's most loyal follower and his second-in-command. After touching the Cursed Necklace, he gained the ability to become a hyena.

Background HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Skratch's early life. All is known is that he and his parents came over from Russia and that he adopted the name Skratch not long after arriving. The reason for that is unknown. He was also known to have a criminal background, which tempted Mikel to induct him into his gang. With Mikel being British, it made Skratch feel less like an outsider. He fit perfectly into the gang with his criminal background and later became Mikel's second-in-command. Skratch and fellow gang member Derek have a very violent relationship. They often fight because of the way Skratch insults him. Derek always wins but that does not stop Skratch from slipping in a mean joke.

One night, Mikel led Skratch and the rest of his gang to a cliff where they found a necklace. Soon another student, Jason Flicker, happened upon them and he Mikel began to fight. Though the fight was stopped by Kayla Howell and the rest of Jason's greatest friends, there was suddenly a bright flash of light that knocked all those who had touched the necklace unconscious, Skratch included.

Effects of the NecklaceEdit

The Necklace had a huge effect on Skratch. His evil sense of humor became more diabolical and his speed and intellegence increased also. Skratch's team skills improved too. As a hyena he often tells the rest of the gang the way they should attack.


  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced speed
  • Super bite
  • Super-human stamina


Skratch is known to have anger issues and is usually the first to start a fight, even if it's right in front of a teacher. He gets annoyed by people easily, with the exception of Mikel and some of Mikel's gang. Skratch is also shown to have a strange sense of humor, maniacally laughing at everything no matter how inappropriate or mean it is. Skratch and Erica get along very well and often share laughs together but their relationship is weak compared to the bromance of Skratch and Mikel.


He has dark brown hair, dark green eyes, and a small scar on the side of his face. His skin has a slight paleness to it, which is unexplained.



  • He is seen as a dark image of Kayla, the second-in-command of the Animal Spirits, who has blond hair, blue eyes, and is able to turn into a wolf.

See AlsoEdit

  • Kayla Howell- The second-in-command of the Animal Spirits, and whom Skratch is a dark image of.