Moonlight Cliff at nighttime.

Moonlight Cliff is one of the locations in the Animal Spirits Saga. It is known to be where the five teens, as well as Mikel, Skratch, Erica, Kat, and Derek, found and touched the Cursed Necklace that allowed them to become the animals. It is located in Spirit Falls, Maine.

Background HistoryEdit

Moonlight Cliff is a landform that has been around for thousands of years. It has held many big events in the small town surrounding it's history. It is also known to be the place where the Cursed Necklace supposedly originates from. The first time the Necklace ever cursed someone was when a young man by the name of Veil touched the Necklace, causing him to become a grizzly bear. It supposedly cursed many others afterward.

One night, years later in the present day, the local gang, led by Mikel, stumbled upon the Necklace. Another teen, Jason Flicker, found them. Because of Jason and Mikel's rivalry, the two were about to fight, but then it was broken up by the arrival of four other teens, who were also Jason's greatest friends: Kayla Howell, Jim Lepper, Kage Malden, and Liz Burner. All of them, Mikel and his gang included, touched the Necklace, and then there was a bright flash of light, and when the light cleared, all of the teens were unconscious.