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Mikel is the primary antagonist of the Animal Spirits Saga. He, like Jason, becomes a lion after touching the Cursed Necklace. Mikel has a British accent, as his parents came over from England before he was born. He also runs the neighborhood gang. He has an obsession with fire and filling people with misery. He has a crush on Kayla, but she does not love him back, one of the main reasons being that they are sworn enemies and that she is part of the Animal Spirits.

Background HistoryEdit

Mikel is the leader of the neigborhood gang. He has been troubled ever since his dad left him and soon became a pyromaniac. Mikel is from London and moved to america after his mother decided they needed a fresh start. After he had settled down in the U.S. he met Jason Flicker. Jason tried to make friends with Mikel but Mikel refused, stating that he didn't need anyone and that Jason was nothing but a nuisance. Ever since then he and Jason have had a burning rivalry both in sports and academics.

Mikel and Jason's rivalry had become so intense that Mikel challenged him to a fight. The fight was stoped by Liz, Kayla, Jim and Kage. After a massive argument they became unaware that they had touched the necklace. After a bright light everyone lay on the ground uncoscious. Little did Mikel know that his life would be changed forever.

Effects of the NecklaceEdit

After touching the Necklace, Mikel's speed and strength increased tremondously. He broke his school's track record by running 100 meters in 10.01 seconds! He also became very cunning and would often devise a plan for his gang if Erica could not think of one. When Mikel transforms into a lion his speed and strength become even greater and his intelligence increases.


  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Enhanced intelligence
  • Superhuman stamina


Mikel is a very aggresive person with bad trust issues, because of his father leaving him and his mother. His grades are very good academically and is co-captain of the football team. When around Kayla he becomes slightly less agressive and tries to make a good impression. Mikel has to take care of his mother after she was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, Mikel has to work after school and pay for his mothers treatment. He gets enraged if anyone even talks about his parents and even roared at a teacher for mentioning his father. One person that Mikel doen not seem to mind is his best friend Skratch. They hang about with each other all the time and play alongside each other on the football field. Skratch and Mikel take their gang work very seriously, though, as they both go to threaten other gangs and often bring out their "wild" sides when there is a struggle.


Mikel is the size of a regular 16-year old and is slightly taller than Jason. He has short raven-black hair and blue eyes which is the thing that sticks out most for him. Mikel is well-built physically and can intimidate almost anyone with just a simple glare.

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  • He is seen as a dark image of Jason, the leader of the Animal Spirits and who is also able to turn into a lion.
  • He has terrible anger issues.
  • Although being a bully and a jock, Mikel is also an A+ student.