Liz Burner


Elizabeth "Liz" Burner



Tiger (when transformed)


Animal Spirits


Brownish black


Greenish brown





Elizabeth "Liz" Burner is one of the main protagonists and is a member of the Animal Spirits. When she touched the Cursed Necklace, she gained the ability to become a white tiger. She is 17 years old and is Kayla's best friend. She is the field mouse of the Animal Spirits, being very energetic.

Background HistoryEdit

Liz Burner lives with her family. Her family is kind of overprotective for her and never let her do anything dangerous but being tomboy type is in her nature. She chooses climbing over dancing and skating rather than shopping. She is very fond of loyal friendship and that’s the main reason that she's one of the most prominent members of the group of the cursed teens.

Effects of the NecklaceEdit

Being a tiger, Liz has developed tiger traits. Her speed and power have increased massively. She has also become smarter and that makes her an excellent field mouse. Liz has also become a silent attacker, often hiding and lurking in places where her enemies cannot see her.


  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced speed
  • Superhuman stamina


She is as tall as 17 year old teen regularly should be. She has a wonderful smile and long brownish black hair. She has greenish brown eyes and is a bit thin.


She is fond of taking revenge and is very hot-minded. She is known to be very energetic. She does really anything when it comes to saving friendship and being loyal to friends. She is bold and talkative as well as stubborn.

Appearances in BooksEdit


See AlsoEdit

  • Kat- The field mouse for Mikel's gang, who is also a dark image of Liz.

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