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Kayla Howell is one of the main protagonists of the Animal Spirits Saga and is one of the members of the Animal Spirits. She is 16-years old. After she touched the Cursed Necklace, she gained the abilitt to transform into a white wolf. She is Liz's best friend. She is the second-in command of the Animal Spirits.

Early LifeEdit

Kayla never knew her father, Carl. According to her mother, Lyza, he left them just a week after she was born. Kayla never cared afterwards about what had happened to him. Liz lived next door and she and Kayla had been best friends for as long as they could remember. Years passed, and Kayla met and befriended many people, one of them being Jason, who was the nicest person towards her, next to Liz. Others included Kage Malden and Jim Lepper. All of them became really good friends and that friendship was never tested at all through the years. The only person that ever came close to doing that to them was Mikel, a teen who had formed his own gang and was now the main bully of the school. Jason and Mikel had always had a rivalry against each other, and one night that rivalry took a whole new turn.

Background HistoryEdit

Jason had stumbled upon a cliff where Mikel and his gang were hanging out. Kayla found Jason, and she, Liz, Kage and Jim fought to protect him. During the fight, each one of them touched the Cursed Necklace. The fight came to an end when a bright light appeared and each one of the combatants fainted. Kayla had no idea that, from that moment on, her life would be changed forever.


Kayla is the more calm of her team mates. She doesn't like fights that happen at school, but she does like to help Jason and the others out when it comes to battling Mikel and the rest of his gang. She doesn't usually get angry, but when she does, it not only means that somebody really messed up, it also means that she will get up in a person's face, yell at them, and make her point. Otherwise, she is very fun-loving and will do anything to help her team mates.


Kayla is very beautiful, gaining the attention of most of the boys in her school. She has thin light blond hair, which has always been known to be straight, and bright baby-blue eyes. She is small, yet well-built, which allows her to be quite athletic. She is very agile and flexible, which she uses to her advantage while battling Mikel's gang.


  • Lyza Howell (mother, alive)
  • Carl Howell (father, status unknown)

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  • Skratch is seen as her dark image, as he is the second-in-command of Mikel's gang, has dark brown hair and dark green eyes, and can turn into a hyena.
  • Kayla's last name, Howell, is very much like the sound wolves are best known to be able to make, howl.

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