Cheetah (when transformed)











Kat is one of the members of Mikel's gang, being the field mouse for the group, in the Animal Spirits Saga. After touching the Cursed Necklace, she has developed the ability to transform into a cheetah. Her ethnicity is Australian.

Background HistoryEdit

It is known that three years after she was born, Kat's parents came over from Australia to start new lives in the United States. Kat found herself living in the house next to Kayla Howell. She grew up with both Kayla and Liz and became one of their greatest friends. Years later, Kat, who had been bullied since the 6th grade for her accent, had decided to get even with those who made fun of her by joining the school gang, led by Mikel, who also had a different accent. Though Liz and Kayla did not want this to happen, Kat promised that it would last only until everyone accepted her for who she really was. When she joined the gang, Kat became friends with Erica, who was the one reason she remained in the gang even after she had gotten what she wanted.

The night that she, Mikel, the rest of Mikel's gang found the Cursed Necklace, Jason Flicker, another one of the teens from school, stumbled upon them and confronted Mikel, who taunted Jason for not wanting to fight. The fight was interrupted by the arrival of Kayla and Liz, as well as their other friends Jim and Kage. Mikel threw the Necklace at Kayla, who then threw it over to Mikel's gang. Kat was one of those to touch it. After Jason, Kage, Liz and Jim touched it, there was a bright light, and when it disappeared, all the teens were unconscious. Little did Kat know that her life would be changed forever.


Kat is the more calm member of Mikel's gang. She is usually a little hesitant when it comes to a fight, especially when the fight involves Kayla and Liz, who became members of the Animal Spirits after touching the Necklace. She and Erica do not involve themselves in the rude humor of Skratch, unlike the rest of their fellow gang members. She likes people for exactly who they are and isn't hesitant to become friends with new people.


Kat has light blond hair, baby-blue eyes and kind-of pale skin. She is a little taller than most other 17 year olds. She is naturally beautiful. She is quite skinny for her age.



  • She is seen as a dark image of Liz, the field mouse of the Animal Spirits.
  • Her appearance is similar to that of Kayla's, who also has light blond hair and baby-blue eyes.
  • She is one of the two members of Mikel's gang to have some hesitance towards fighting the Animal Spirits, as she is good friends with Kayla and Liz. The other member of Mikel's gang with that amount of hesitance is Erica.