Kage Malden


Kage Malden


Human/Elk (when transformed)


Animal Spirits


Light brown







Kage Malden is one of the members of the Animal Spirits of the Animal Spirits and one of the main protagonists in the Animal Spirits Saga. After touching the Cursed Necklace, he gained the ability to become an elk. He is known to have a very large crush on Liz, which leads him into arguments with Jim Lepper, who is also in love with Liz. He is 17-years old. He is the brawn of the Animal Spirits.

Early Life

When he was little he was very rich and lived in a penthouse. Kage was very spoiled as a child and he wanted the world at his mercy. One day his father went bankrupt and Kage had to settle for an apartment. As Kage grew up he became attached to the arts. He could play guitar and often sang. Kage was also a very talented actor. He was often bullied because of his lack of money and the fact that he got the lead role in his school play. Kage is often bullied by Mikel and they usually have nasty confrontations when they meet in the hallway. One day Mikel pinned Kage up against the lockers but Jason soon intervened and stood up for Kage. That was when they became friends.

When Kage heard that Jason and Mikel where having a fight, he and Kayla, Jim, and Liz quickly went to the location to stop the fight. Little did they know they had all accidentaly touched the necklace. Suddenly a huge flash of light was shown and everyone was unconsious. Kage discovered he could turn into an elk when Jason told them about his transformation. Although Kage is very strong, he doesn't seem to like conflict and violence is his last resort.


He is very tall for his age and is known to be quite intimidating to some people. He has short, thick, curly, and messy light brown hair, mud brown eyes and a wirey build, meaning he is tall and thin, despite his broad shoulders and muscular physique.


He is very frendly, bold and extremely talkative. He jumps at any oppotunity to get revenge but also will help a friend in need. He will always repay depts. He has a sad and lonely life, even though he is very bold and talkitive. He is totally and utterly in love with Liz and will do anything for her and will do anything to keep her safe.

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