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Jim Lepper



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Jim Lepper is one of the main protagonists and one of the Animal Spirits and one of the main protagonists in the Animal Spirits Saga. He is the brains of the group. After he touched the Cursed Necklace, he gained the ability to transform into a Komodo Dragon. He is also known to have a crush on Liz, but he must compete with Kage for her affection.

Early Life

Jim Lepper is a 17-year old teen who lives alone because of the fights between his family and the family of his step-mother. He is the brains of the group of cursed teens. He came to live in the house next-door to Jason. Seeing that Jim was always quiet, Jason tried to talk to him and be friends with him. It wasn’t until later when Jim became friends with Jason. Together they had great times.

The Necklace

Not long after, Jim and a few more of his new friends, Kayla, Liz, and Kage, stumbled upon the scene of what was going to be a fight. During the fight, Mikel threw the Cursed Necklace at Jason, who then threw it to Jim and the others. He was one of those who touched the Necklace. Little did he know that, by touching the necklace, his life would be changed forever. After touching it, there was a bright light, and when it cleared, he was unconscious.

Effects of the Necklace

The Necklace has had a massive impact on Jim. Not only has his IQ increased but he has devoloped the ability to generate poison from his mouth whenever he bites something or someone. This helps Jim a lot in battle because, unlike the rest of his teammates, Jim does not have super human speed or super human strength.


  • Venomous bite
  • Super-human intelligence
  • Super-human reflexes
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced strength
  • Powerful jaws
  • Powerful tongue


He is a normal 17-year old teen with brown hair and is a bit shorter than all the other members of the team. He has green eyes and is attractive to girls just because of his appearance. He wears a plain white top under a black carbarini baseball jacket. With this he also wears dark blue jeans and black nike shoes. Jim also wears black timberland glasses.


He is a self-loving person and easily gets irritated by fights and arguments. He is loving and caring and wants to get whatever he likes. He studies hard and loves science and technology. He is great at bioengineering. Jim is also very sarcastic and has a great sense of humor. He often talks to himself and leaves himself "notes." He also has an eye for Liz.

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  • Erica is seen as the dark Image of Jim as they are both the brains of their groups and are not too interested in conflict.
  • Jim is naturally smart. He doesn't really study that much and is very lazy.
  • Over the years he has adapted an American accent, but the British accent still faintly remains, and can be heard most when he is angry or excited.

See Also

  • Erica- The brains of Mikel's gang and the dark image of Jim.