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Jason Flicker is the main protagonist of the Animal Spirits Saga and is the leader of the Animal Spirits. After he touched the Cursed Necklace, he gained the ability to transform into a lion. He will look out for his team in any way possible, even if it costs him his life.

Background HistoryEdit

Jason has had a good life. From since he was born he has never had anything serious to deal with. His parents are happily married and his 9-year old sister is perfectly healthy. Everybody seems to like Jason as he is co-captain of the soccer team and is one of the smartest students in his school. Everybody, apart from Mikel and his gang. Jason and Mikel have a burning rivalry because Mikel stated that he didn't need Jason as a friend and that he was nothing but a nuisance. Jason's best friend is Jim Lepper, whom he met after Jim moved next door.

Mikel and Jason's rivalry had become so intense that Mikel challenged him to a fight. The fight was stoped by Liz, Kayla, Jim and Kage. During a massive argument they had unknowingly touched the necklace. Suddenly a bright light appeared and when it cleared, everyone lay on the ground, unconscious.


Jason awoke the next morning to find himself in his own home. After getting ready for school, he left home and started on his way. After meeting up with Jim, they both ran into Skratch and Mikel. As Jason tried to tell Mikel and Skratch to get away, Jason began to feel a pain in both his head and body. After falling unconscious, he was helped back awake by Kage. While in school, he found himself in a class with Mikel, and after Mikel went crazy, the pain in Jason's head returned. He ran out of his classroom and into the forest. While there in the forest, he began his first ever transformation into the lion. When he was done, he screamed in fear, but that scream instead became a lion's roar. Unbeknownst to him, a man was hiding behind the trees, watching him.

Effects of the NecklaceEdit

After touching the necklace. Jason's speed and strength increased tremondously. He came close to breaking the schools track record by running 100 meters in 10.03 seconds but he lost to Mikel by a very close Margin of 0.02 seconds! He also became very cunning and devises plans with Jim all the time. When Jason turns into a lion his speed and strength become even greater and his intelligence increases.


  • Super-human strength
  • Super-human speed
  • Super-human stamina
  • Enhanced intelligence


Jason is a confident boy who shows great team leadership and is understanding towards others. He is shown to be quite stubborn and also a care free guy who can make the silliest comment in the most dangerous situations. Jason is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his team. He is very sporty and is a A+ student. Jason is loved by many including his teachers and his friends apart from Mikel. When Jason is around Mikel he gets angry easily and becomes un-easy to be around.


Jason is the height of an average 17 year old. Before he touched the necklace he had short brown hair. But after he touched it it grew a few inches longer. He has dark brown eyes and dark brown eyebrows. Jason is physically strong.


  • Tyra Flicker (mother, alive)
  • John Flicker (father, alive)
  • Cassidy Flicker (sister, alive)

Appearances in BooksEdit

Animal Spirits, Part One: The Curse (first appearance)

See AlsoEdit

  • Mikel- Leader of his own gang, a dark image of Jason.