Snow Leopard (when transformed)











Erica is one of the members of Mikel's gang in the Animal Spirits Saga. She is also one of the antagonists of the saga, though less willing than the others in the gang (with the exception of Kat). Erica is the brains of Mikel's gang and plots the gang's escape routes and many other things. She is known to have a crush on Mikel. After touching the Cursed Necklace, she was bestowed with the ability to transform into a snow leopard.

Background HistoryEdit

Erica is an average American teenager. She used to be really good friends with Liz and Kayla until they had a massive argument about Erica spending too much time with Mikel. Erica became a full member of Mikel's gang after taking down a rival gang. Erica is shown to have a decent relationship with other gang member Skratch, often sharing the laughter in many of his jokes; however, she is jealous of Mikel and Skratch's bromance.

One night, Mikel led Erica and the rest of his gang to a cliff where they found a necklace. Soon another student, Jason Flicker, happened upon them and he Mikel began to fight. Though the fight was stopped by Kayla Howell and the rest of Jason's greatest friends, there was suddenly a bright flash of light that knocked all those who had touched the necklace unconscious, Erica included.


Erica is naturally pretty, and she has bright hazel eyes that match her long brown hair. She is the average height for a 17-year old. Although Erica is quite skinny, she is very athletic and strong.


Although Erica does not like to admit it, she is a girly girl. She often worries about how her hair looks when around boys, especially Mikel. She also does not like it when other girls have/wear the same thing as her. Other than that Erica is quite sarcastic and often does not take anyone seriously.



  • Erica is seen as a dark image of Jim, the brains of the Animal Spirits.
  • She is one of the two members of Mikel's gang to have some hesitance towards fighting the Animal Spirits, as she is good friends with Kayla and Liz. The other member of Mikel's gang with that amount of hesitance is Kat.
  • She does not like to admit it, but she is a girly girl.