Crocodile (when transformed)











Derek is one of the members of Mikel's gang in the Animal Spirits Saga. He is also one of the antagonists of the saga. He is known to be the brawn of Mikel's gang and to also have a crush on the fellow gang member Erica. After touching the Cursed Necklace, he is able to transform in a crocodile.

Background HistoryEdit

Derek was always taunted for his ginger hair. He used to be very obese but turned all his fat into muscle after the doctor told him that if his eating habbits carried on he would not have long left. He became a part of Mikel's gang after Mikel comfronted him and asked him to join. The fact that Derek had a purpose overwhelmed him and he quickly replied yes. Derek opted to join for the soccer team but the soccer coach said no and suggested the football team instead. Derek tried out for the football team and got in with ease and he is currently the quarterback. Seeing how muscular Derek became, everyone stopped taunting and teasing him, everyone, apart from Skratch. Skratch and Derek have a very violent relationship, often resulting in fights. Although Skratch always loses, he still manages to slip in a mean joke.

One night, Mikel led Derek and the rest of his gang to a cliff where they found a necklace. Soon another student, Jason Flicker, happened upon them and he Mikel began to fight. Though the fight was stopped by Kayla Howell and the rest of Jason's greatest friends, there was suddenly a bright flash of light that knocked all those who had touched the necklace unconscious, Derek included.

Effects of the NecklaceEdit

Since touching the Cursed Necklace Derek's life has changed for the better. Derek can now swim and he can swim very well. Derek's strength has also increased and he is now on his school wrestling team because of it. Because Derek is able to become a crocodile his stealthiness has increased. As a crocodile, he can hold his breath underwater for a few hours.


  • Super-human strength
  • Enhanced swimming ability
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced intelligence
  • Super bite


Derek has green eyes and ginger hair which people tease him for. He used to be very overweight which just increased the teasing. Derek changed his attitude towards eating and went on a very long diet. He also went to the gym for nine hours a day. Now Derek is the strongest person in the school. He is very tall for his age and looks down on Mikel.


Unlike Mikel and Skratch, Derek does not have anger issues. He is a very calm person but turn into a beast on the football field. He and Erica are very close and she attends every single one of his games, which makes Derek even happier. Like the rest of the gang members he is very scared of Mikel because he knows he can easily turn the rest of the gang against him. He wishes one day to succeed Mikel as leader of the gang, but is very loyal to Mikel still.