The Animal Spirits Saga is a story being created. It is known to be in progress at the moment. It follows a team of teens known as the Animal Spirits, who gained the ability to become animals after touching a cursed necklace, and their struggles against Mikel, who also touched the necklace and now has the ability to become a lion.


After touching a cursed necklace, five teens gain the ability to become animals. They form a team called the Animal Spirits and begin to use their abilities to save their town from the evil of Mikel, another teen who touched the Necklace and now has the ability to become a lion.


Animal SpiritsEdit

Mikel's GangEdit

  • Mikel (leader, lion)
  • Skratch (second-in-command, hyena)
  • Erica (brains, leopard)
  • Derek (brawn, crocodile)
  • Kat (field mouse, cheetah)


  • Veil (grizzly bear)