The Animal Spirits are a group of teens that have the ability to turn into animals, which they gained after touching a cursed necklace. The group consists of Jason, Kayla, Liz, Kage, and Jim.

Team DesignationEdit

  • Jason- Team leader, lion
  • Kayla- Second-in-command, white wolf
  • Liz- Field mouse, white tiger
  • Kage- Brawn, elk
  • Jim- Brains, Komodo dragon



  • Mikel- The Animal Spirits' main enemy. Also touched the necklace and has the ability to turn into a lion. He is seen as a dark image of Jason.
  • Skratch- Mikel's second in command. He is seen as a dark image of Kayla.
  • Erica- Mikel's brains and field mouse, a dark image of Jim.
  • Derek- Mikel's brawn, a dark image of Kage.
  • Veil- Exile.
  • Kat- Mikel's field mouse, a dark image of Liz.

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